Investing is one of the most popular income generators Don’t throw your hard earn money down the drain. Check and follow 7 tips you really must know before start investing.

First of all, you should do small math on how much you could spare each month before you start investing your money on any investment instrument. The idea is that you should clear your debts first. Then from the remaining save and invest. That is to say, the more money you save now, will help you to grow fast. It will better at least 10% of your salary for your future. 10% is a small amount that you won’t feel a pinch. Save regularly until you will manage to build a “dam management funds”

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You can download one of the recommended books every investors should read. ” Book of Investing Rules” is edited by Philip Jenks and Stephen Eckett. Its spirit of Collected wisdom from the world’s top 150 investors. It is highly recommended you read before you starting invest or even you have started.

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